My Journey, My People

new project with Cosimo Buccolieri

April 21, 2015


Shark Attack
Febraury 2015 Photopgrapher: Cosimo Buccolieri
Make up: Stephanie Glitter
Models: Alessandra Grillo(PR), Ginevra Rossini (it girl), Alessandra de Tomaso (designer), Francesca Piovano(fashion editor, Glamour), Alessandra Pellegrino (fashion editor, Glamour), Gaia Fraschini (fashion editor, L’uomo Vogue), Ludovica Frasca (showgirl), Roberta Ruiu (pop editor, Lampoon), Rita Benedetto (fashion editor, tu style)

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For the launch of the new web site, Alessandra de Tomaso has decided to celebrate the values of the Brand, on the occasion of its second anniversary. The pictures are the result of a selection of portraits of women, friends of the Fashion House, that have interpreted the shark collection with their own style. Twelve portraits, through which the Brand wants to communicate its values: creativity, modernity and excellence. All the characters are wearing the iconic pieces of the collection: the leather jackets, the embroidered skirts, the cropped tops and the voluminous dresses, showing how these wonderful pieces of Rock Couture could be interpreted from different personalities with different styles. The inspiration of the pictures comes from the Caravaggio paintings: Alessandra imagined the souls of the women coming out from the darkness, showing with strenght and grace their personalities. She said:<< If I have to imagine Caravaggio in these days, I would imagine him with a dark and rebel soul, basically ‘’caravaggio rock’’ is the inspiration of the project>>. The famous photographer Cosimo Buccolieri has captured the girls glowing in the dark, through his camera lens. Looking at the portarits the girls will make you feel attacked by the sharks of the collection: watch out, sharks are coming!