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Shawn Zanotti: Authoress

Shawn Zanotti

The authoress, SHAWN LOREN ZANOTTI, is a eclectic, creative personality who is sharp and passionate in all that she touches. She has a devotion to a purpose filled life…bordering on obsession. In her written works, the goal is always to educate and inspire.

“Life’s a Journey” Philosophy”

is the DNA of the Brand: through the lines of life experience,
attention for details and high quality work.

The inspiration of every collection in which Shawn Zanotti
touches bounces off of that vibration.

The writing style of

is the summary of the hard contrast between the research
of strategy, functionality and life experience.
Current literary works include:
Shawn’s Top 10 Branding & PR Tips,
Embracing the Rock in YOUR Journey, and
Shift (collaboration with Nikki Woods).

The Brand communicates with all of its products in one accord–its a lifestyle, an attitude, a look—its Exact!

All the pieces are rigorously

Made In Italy

selecting high quality leather and fabrics.